Chapel Report September 5-8

This week, our chapel emphasis was “Worship is Spending Time with Scripture.” The Scriptures are our guide for life and practice. So as we spend time with God through reading, studying, discussing and then applying the principles of Scripture to our lives, we are in fact worshiping God.

On Tuesday, our small groups met for the first time. Much of the focus for this time was on getting acquainted and sharing some food together. The groups are led by faculty or staff and have the same students in the group throughout the school year.

Wednesday’s chapel was a skit and activity which gave a sense of how the Bible came to us. A process of events, oral tradition, written word, translation and interpretation brought to us the Bible we know today. The fact that God chose this process as a way to communicate God’s word to us shows God’s love and acceptance of humanity even in our messiness and frailty.

Thursday was a day to look at different versions of the same story from Scripture. It was 2 Chronicles 20:1-4, 21-23. After reading through three different English versions, students discussed what differences/similarities they saw and how this affected the understanding of the story. We ended chapel with singing “God of the Bible”.

The wrap up day on Friday was a sword drill. A sword drill is a contest to see who can find a particular scripture the quickest. Students were in teams according to classes with faculty and staff also providing a team. The juniors prevailed in tie breaker with the faculty/staff.