Anya Slabaugh Art Show



Artist’s Statement

While creating this body of work I’ve been reflecting on my role as an artist and an individual.  I feel a strong responsibility to represent myself and my art authentically and transparently.  This body of work is about my discomfort with that; expressing the line between wanting to be seen and craving withdrawal.

While creating this body of work I was struggling with the idea of being held within something, for example, a system much larger than an individual, a way of thinking, or a relationship. Being held within something is comforting and restricting.  We are left with a choice between a sense of security and space to move freely.

The cages are all made of recycled steel and wrapped or sewn with quilt batting.  Two of the cacti are made from recycled copper pipe caps and the other I fabricated from sheet metal.  All of the cacti are colored/textured with an ammonia patina.


Anya Slabaugh grew up halfway between Iowa City and Kalona.  She graduated from IMS in 2013 and will graduate this year from Goshen College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art.  While at Goshen Anya co-lead Goshen Monologues (a large scale storytelling project on campus) and Art club.  Anya’s primary medium is metal.  Anya plans to continue creating art and is currently based in Goshen.

Anya will greet guests in the Art Gallery on November 4 after the musical.