All School Retreat

All School Picture

In 2013 the Freshman School Retreat was changed to the All School Retreat. IMS administration decided that treating the whole school to a day out to get to know each other better and have fun together would be a great start for our year. Since then a combination of our enrollment department, Y-Co sponsors, and Chapel Committee plans the day held at Crooked Creek Christian Camp.

We usually start the day with an all school picture and some large group get-to-know-you games. Then we have class meetings so each grade can talk about school and class strengths, weaknesses and goals for the year and what they can do to improve their class and the whole school. Some examples include:

  1. Freshmen identified their strength as being able to get along well with each other. They discerned that they can share that strength with others by spending time with them and working on their listening skills.
  2. Seniors identified their strength as being enthusiastic and fun. They can share that strength with others by encouraging participation in school activities. They will work on setting a good example for others at IMS.

Next, we had chapel and split into sibling families for games and lunch.  The afternoon was spent unstructured with students utilizing the pool, activity center and open area by the pavilion.  Many students played Gaga Ball this year in the new pit built at Crooked Creek.

We really enjoy our all school retreat day! We want to thank Washington Township Optimist Club for sponsoring our day this year. This day is a valuable tool in building the IMS community. You can see more pictures on our Flickr account in our All School Retreat Album.