FCS quilt to be sold at the MCC Relief Sale this weekend

Seth Danga, Adrian Gonzales, Rubye Ney, Suzanna Yoder, Madison Bell, Leslee Rios

The first semester Clothing and Textiles class pieced a quilt and it will be sold at the Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale this weekend. The quilt was quilted and bound by the West Union Mennonite Church quilting group lead by Edna Yoder. The quilted designs really enhanced the fabric and piecing; we were very excited to see the finished product. Our theme verse for this quilt was Phil. 2:3-5 “Do nothing from selfish or empty conceit but with humility of mind regard one another as more important then yourselves. Do not merely look out for your personal interest, but also for the interest of others. Have this attitude in yourself which was also in Christ.” We have fabric for next year’s quilt and will be looking for a group to quilt this for the FCS Clothing class next fall and ultimately for the Relief sale again.

fcs 2