Children’s Drama Performances

Continuing the tradition of our spring children’s dramas, our drama department will present three one act plays and have a variety of entertainment offered in between. The performances will be this weekend: Saturday, April 29th at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, April 30th at 3:00 p.m.  The shows will be humorous and entertaining for those ages 1-101. Donations will be accepted at the door to cover expenses.

We will also have fun children’s activities 30 minutes before each  performance sponsored by our FFA and Admissions departments. So come early and enjoy a coloring station, photo booth and help with a wall mural! Following Sunday’s performance, prospective students in 6th – 10th grade along with their families will be invited to stay for refreshments and to meet the cast.

Below are short descriptions of the plays. Don’t miss out on an entertaining weekend!

A Boy Who Cried Wolf – A bored boy named Roy tends to his family’s flock.  But in this delightful version, we meet a new character and discover the real source of mischief!  Pearl, Roy’s pig-tailed crush, pays him a visit and invites him to go get ice cream.  When Roy explains that he cannot leave his sheep, Pearl belittles his duty and begs to see his “wolf-crying” skills in action.  Reluctantly, Roy agrees.  Predictably, his family responds to the false alarm, none too pleased when there are no wolves to be found.  Thoroughly amused by these antics, Pearl plans an elaborate presentation, dressing a sheep up as a wolf and hiding another sheep behind a tree so it appears to be missing.  But little do they know, that’s where real wolves are lurking!

Jack and the 3 Sillies – Jack, a smart but simple country man, is about to marry a wealthy farmer’s only daughter, Buttons.  When he realizes just how silly Buttons and her parents are, he vows to leave and never return unless he meets three sillies “more silly than you three sillies”!  As he travels about the country, he meets an old woman trying to capture sunlight in boxes to brighten the inside of her windowless house; a family of milkmaids who have trouble counting to six; newlyweds with feuding in-laws; a man who spends hours each day trying to put on his pants; and numerous silly people who make Buttons and her family seem almost intelligent.

The Pretender Hen – A farmer tried to sell her hen, but each time she presents her Hen to the prospective buyer, the hen makes a different noise.  The buyers are not interested in a Cow, Dog, Horse or Pig.  But the Fox is!  The moral of the story is to be yourself.