Chapel happenings the week of October 24-28

pastorsOur chapel theme for last week was PluggED In. When we plug in, we are connected to God, our communities and our faith.

On Monday we were PluggED into our community by working in our sibling family groups. Faculty and staff had submitted baby or kid pictures of themselves, so our activity was to try to guess whose picture it was.

Wednesday’s chapel was PluggED into Faith. Corey Miller, pastor at West Union, was our speaker. Corey shared how Jesus was plugged into the Father and how that has helped him plug into God during his sabbatical time.

On Thursday we were PluggED into Church. Part of being church is to care for those among us who are going through difficult times. Lee Ebersole interviewed our custodian, Mike Shapovalov about his background and also the recent birth of his daughter. We ended with a time of prayer for Mike and his family.

For Friday’s chapel, we hosted eight pastors for Pastor Appreciation Day. The pastors got to showcase their Bible knowledge through a Bible trivia game. Emma Beachy gave a tribute of appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the pastors. This was based on Jeremiah 3:15- “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Then the pastors joined us for lunch.