Spending an hour at Washington Township

Dick Yoder-Short and four IMS student assistants, Emma Beachy, Noah Bruns, Jared Schlabaugh and Nick Yutzy visited Washington Township for an hour of chemistry with Mrs. Bender’s class on May 6. They helped the 4th grade students observe a chemical reaction. They examined a sample of blue-green copper chloride crystals, dissolved it in water and then added aluminum foil to the solution. Everyone was amazed to observe the aluminum disappear and a reddish material appear. Also the solution turned a muddy gray and got warm. The fourteen Township student scientists learned about making qualitative and quantitative observations and that making a hypothesis is different from an observation.

Dick wishes to thank Mrs Bender and Washington Township for allowing us to participate in the education of your students and also thanks Emma, Noah, Jared and Nick for your very capable assistance.