IMS vs Holy Trinity Conference Tournament 2016

Soccer group

IMS 1, Holy Trinity (1) + the wind (2) =3

IMS traveled to West Point to play Holy Trinity in the first round of the SEISC tournament Friday evening. After one minute of rain-soaked play the game was suspended because of lightning. Nearly 40 minutes later the game resumed in a steady rain under darkening clouds. Much of the play was in the midfield as both teams dealt with slippery field conditions though IMS dominated possession. As the first half came to a close, Isaiah Swantz intercepted a pass, found an open spot and rifled in a shot from about 20 yards for the 1-0 lead.

The second half began with no rain and it seemed as if the game would proceed much as it had in the first half. Holy Trinity was able to capitalize on a corner kick to even the score in the opening minutes of the half, then the weather changed once more. Rain began pelting the field and a steady breeze began blowing. The breeze soon turned into a howling wind at the backs of Holy Trinity and into the face of the IMS players. The winds made already difficult conditions nearly impossible as any ball in the air blew back into the IMS half of play. During this time Holy Trinity was able to find the net twice for the final 1-3 score.  With the loss, IMS drops to 5-8 overall.

IMS finishes its regular season, hosting Cedar Valley Christian Tuesday evening, then Thursday travels to Williamsburg for the final regular season game.