Compassion earns money for families through “ditch the dress code”

Melitza, Brandon & Steven Jimenez
Weebly use
Wiselande, Louis, Yveline holding Weebly, and David holding big brother Wooby.

During the year Compassion Club has helped support local food programs and homeless shelters, Heifer Project International, two children through Children International, among other things.  Two popular fundraisers throughout the year are the silent auction in the fall and “ditch the dress code” days during the year.

Each Wednesday during the month of May, students and staff paid to “ditch the dress code” (within reason), raising over $800 to help two families with IMS students. With money from other fundraisers, $1,000 will be given to Melitza Jimenez, mother of Steven and Brandon, and Weebly Raphael, nephew of Yveline and Louis Etienne, to help with the huge medical expenses they have recently incurred. Melitza has a rare genetic liver disease. Weebly was born prematurely in January at less than 1 pound. He remained in the hospital until he was over 7 pounds.