Java anyone?

Dick Yoder-Short
Dick Yoder-Short

Dick Yoder-Short is teaching a new class this semester called Intro to Computer Programming. He explains the class below:

“Coffee anyone? Black? Sugar? Cream? No this class about Java is not a Culinary Arts Class.

Java is a computer programing language that we are offering this semester. It is not the same as an application like a word processor or a spreadsheet or a game like Mindcraft. Java is a fundamental language like Fortran, Basic or C++ that we use to create those types of applications. We are learning how to write programs (applications) that make the computer do whatever we want. As in any language we need to learn what commands do, what the syntax is and how to put things together to make it do what we want it to do. Students are learning how to logically construct a program to do some particular calculation or task.

We have done the simple task of writing all the verses of the ever popular, annoying fourth grade song “99 bottles of pop on the wall.”, to creating and using an algorithim to calculate the square root of a number and to solving an AP Physics problem of finding the rotational moment of inertia of a meter stick.

Java? Come taste what we are doing.”