New Art Club formed

art 3There are many amazing opportunities at IMS to be involved in extracurricular activities.  Our hope is that there can be places where each of our students can “plug in” and find a sense of belonging.  A new club that we want to introduce is the Art Club.  The vision of this club is to provide a place of connection for those who are passionate about creativity.

The arts are important because they provide a way for us to express ourselves, to explore the world around us, to solve problems in a unique way, and to communicate complex ideas when traditional methods fall short.  The arts can also provide a way for people to relax and enjoy the act of creating and seeing.  Our goal in art club is to provide a space for these things to happen – where students and staff have the opportunity to share creative ideas and experience the joy of creating.

Art club will meet each week, and will have a number of alternating focuses.  The first week we will have a general arts focus where people can share art projects that they have been working on and/or share about art that is interesting to them.  We will then have a time where we can work together or individually on art of any style or medium.  

The next week we will delve into the subgenre of Science Fiction and Fantasy, including both visual art and creative writing.  A number of us are creating unique worlds that we will share with each other to get feedback and/or to work on together.  We will have an opportunity to discuss creative ideas that we encounter and process those together.  We will also have a chance to work on developing our ideas.

Art club
Art club

Finally, we will have a time to create and play unique games. Today we are exposed to an endless array of games that explore many different creative ways of playing.  The variety of ideas opens up new ways of thinking and provides scenarios that require many methods of solving problems.  In this process we have the potential to learn more about who we are as individuals and how we interact in groups.

If any of these ideas sounds interesting to you, we hope you will join us!