Chapel Wrap-Up {October 19 – October 30}

Monday, October 19: Freshman Dakota Lemon, Junior Yveline Etienne, Senior Madeline Leichty, and IMS alumnus Kaylin Brokaw shared about their experience on a mission trip to Haiti.

Tuesday, October 20: Small Groups

Wednesday, October 21: Keith and Kate Slater described how they spread faith when they lived in China.

Thursday, October 22: Holly, John, Jacob, and Suzanna Yoder talked about their missionary work in Ethiopia.

Friday, October 23: Praise Band led worship.

Monday, October 26: The theme Faith around the World was introduced by Roman Slabach who started the chapel by introducing the fundraiser “Change for Change”. Lee Ebersole introduced the guest speaker Anton Flores Maisonet from Alterna Community in LaGrange, Georgia, who spoke on “Love Crossing Borders”.

Tuesday, October 27: Small Groups

Wednesday, October 28: Calli Shaw read the scripture Luke 12: 13-21 and Jared Slaubaugh read the children’s book The Giving Tree. The chapel concluded by Josh Tyson leading Siyahamba.

Thursday, October 29: Marcus Miller talked about refugees in Syria. He had a simulation where people would move to the other side of the room, based on the first letter of their first names to represent the displacement of refugees.

Friday, October 30: All Saints Day. Jane Widmer Yoder, Palmer Thomas, and Maya Kehr Yoder spoke about deceased loved ones that had helped them on their spiritual journey and demonstrated lighting the candles. Then the rest of the students proceeded to light candles in memory of saints in their lives while being accompanied by Joya Schrock on the piano.