Biology students raise money for “The Worm Project”

The Worm Project 2Biology classes recently studied symbiotic relationships between organisms. While discussing parasitism a student mentioned that parasites can affect humans. Principal Steve mentioned that we might raise money for The Worm Project. Franconia Mennonite Conference has an ongoing project to alleviate the suffering that many people around the world experience from internal parasites.

Biology instructor Paul Kessler first became aware of the issue of human parasites when he was in graduate school. His class was visiting a World Vision Project in Peru working with Incan farmers to develop a potato storage facility where they could store potatoes and sell them at higher market prices. Paul explains, “The World Vision Worker was talking with my professor about parasite loads and I listened to the conversation for awhile before I realized that he was talking about people and not their cattle.  I couldn’t imagine working under the kinds of conditions these farmer’s families were living in and constantly having to fight fatigue caused by internal parasites. So when Steve mentioned this project, I was excited about raising money for it.”

The cure for internal parasites is a pill that needs to be taken once every six months.  Unfortunately, the people most affected often cannot afford these pills. Each pill costs approximately 5 cents. Two pills will treat a person for a year.

Our students raised $37.00 for The Worm Project. This will buy 740 pills which will treat 370 people for a year.