Compassion Club brings awareness to many needs

2012-13 Compassion Club: Back: Joel Shetler, Jacob Bruns, Laura Hochstetler, Isabel Mendoza, Madeline Leichty, Jessica Bender, Vesna Zunic. Third row: Rudin Mucaj, Hannah Gingerich, Kaylin Brokaw, Katie Bender, C. Bai, Sohee Kim, Alvard Mamikonyan. Second row: Keilah Brokaw, Cheyenne Lemon, Shay Durflinger, Ivy Lin, Bonnie Smith. First Row: Jenna Boller, Breana Stout, Alaina Beatty, Nicole Roetlin, Camila Segar, Michaela Gingerich, Lavinia Xu.

The Compassion Club earned money all year long by sponsoring many Wednesday Ditch the Dress Code days, Spirit Week which included a senior/faculty volleyball game, a cake walk, a silent auction, and small groups were asked to have a competition on who could collect the most money in their box. They also gathered school kits for MCC, towels and personal supplies for Haiti, worked at Crowded Closet and gave food for the local food banks. Several members of Compassion also carried luggage to the rooms and then back to the chartered bus a few days later for a group that stays at the Pull ‘r Inn. Money earned was used for the following:

Empower Haiti

Leukemia/Lymphoma Society

Kalona & Wellman Food Pantry


Heifer Project

Children International (sponsor three children)

Scholarship Program at Village Schools International in Tanzania (Gary & Joanne Grenell, parents of former students at IMS, work at the Idigima Secondary School near the village of Idiwili in the region of Mbeya in Tanzania).


The Compassion Club keeps our students aware of needs locally and globally and facilitates giving to a wide variety of organizations. Bonnie Smith is the faculty sponsor for the club.