Another year founded on The WORD

Jacob Valov reflected on his two years at IMS. He and his family will be moving out of state in June.

Sohee Kim, Alvard Mamikonyan and Rudi Mucaj speak in chapel one last time.

The last chapel of the school year included bread and jam to celebrate Jesus, our bread of life.

Last chapel small group of the school year.

The 2012-13 school year is now history.

Chapels during our final week included a Bible scavenger hunt in on Monday and the final small groups time on Tuesday where several seniors even returned to say final goodbyes to their groups. Wednesday included chapel reflections from Jacob Valov and our exchange students, Rudi, Alvard, and So Hee. Each person shared what IMS has meant to them and how lucky we are to have a school like this one. The year’s final chapel on Thursday included a class competition review of the entire year’s chapels with an emphasis on our 12 Scriptures, complete with bread and jam to celebrate Jesus, our bread of life. Pam Gerig Unruh, chapel coordinator, gave a final blessing, and principal Tony Miller gave a final prayer to dismiss us into our summer break.

Other final week activities included cleaning out lockers, returning textbooks, enjoying sack lunch picnic lunches, paying library fines, voting on class officers for the coming year, and taking final exams. Many of the girls also dressed up on Thursday.

With the final bell, students shrieked with delight, then lugged their belongings home one last time, until August 14 when the new year begins.

The girls dressed up for the last day of school.