Yumiko Tanaka visits IMS

Clint Peters, Kazuyoshi & Miyoko Tanaka, and Yumiko Tanaka

It is always with great pleasure that we welcome back international students from years gone by! Today Yumiko Tanaka brought her husband and parents to see the place she spent her 1998-1999 school year attending. Yumiko came to us from Japan and stayed with Dale and Charlene Rhodes while living here.

Yumiko met Clint Peters, originally from Texas, in Japan and moved with him to Iowa City while he was studying in the Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa. She said that when they moved to Iowa City many memories of where to shop and where to eat came flooding back to her and she knew more about the city than her husband. Yumiko and Clint will soon leave Iowa and travel to Texas where Clint will begin a doctoral program and Yumiko hopes to find a job with a Japanese company in international exporting and finance.