The Ever-Popular “Drive your Tractor to School” Day

FFA again encouraged students to drive their tractor to school to kick off the nicer spring weather! Those who drove their tractors got to go “around the section” over the noon hour and ended by driving in front of the majority of students who were out in front of the school cheering them on!

Lined up ready to start the parade.
Cameron Gingerich and Kristin Davis

Justin Litwiller

There were a few “red” tractors among all the “green”! Jordan Miller and Laura Brenneman excite the crowd by throwing out candy!

Our one female tractor driver, Kaycee Miller.

Tobyn Bender throws out more candy.









And as tractors sometimes do, they “conk out” at the most important time . . .
. . . but a bunch of nice guys push Timothy Bender around the driveway.