Sculpture Class Creates Beautiful “Hanging Forms”

The last two problems the sculpture class has been solving, are on display in the Celebration Hall lobby. For both assignments students were to make a hanging form; both used assembly rather than carving; both used discarded material. The “Hourglass” assignment used nylon hose with additional material, in color; the “White” assignment used only matt board scraps.
Sculpture students are Katie Bender, C. Bai, Richard Deming, Zach Hill, Jacayla Litwiller, Kaycee Miller (not pictured), and Elle Stastny. 
Hourglass Sculpture. Art students are Jacayla Litwiller, Richard Deming, Zach Hill, C. Bai, Katie Bender and Elle Stastny.


White Sculpture. Art students are C. Bai, Zach Hill, Jacayla Litwiller, Elle Stastny, Richard Deming, Katie Bender.