Y-Co sponsored Valentine activities added fun to the week

Over the past week, YCO sponsored special VALENTINE WEEK activities. These included “Crush notes” (for 50 cents anyone could send a note of endearment attached to a grape, strawberry, or orange Crush soda); decorating sugar cookies at noon; a noon Sibling Family & Cousins Speed Volleyball tournament; Mr. Cute Legs (Dallas Nye) & Ms. Cute Ears (Jane Widmer Yoder) contests; HUSH hearts (girls wore heart necklaces and if they talked to a boy, the boy got the heart). The male with the most hearts was crowned Mr. Irresistible (David Lemon and Cody Miller ). Wednesday was Ditch-the-Dress-Code by wearing red, pink, or white. Throughout the week, student Secret Valentines gifted each other, with names being revealed on Friday. Even the locker hallway was decorated for the season, with each locker sporting a positive message on a heart for its owner.
YCO members include: Seniors: Laura Hochstetler, Naomi Miller, Anya Slabaugh, Keilah Brokaw, Thaddeus Yoder, Brittni Piegors. Juniors: Richard Deming, Alaina  Beatty; Sophomores: Jacob Bruns, Kaylin Brokaw; Freshmen: Michael  Martens, Olivia Marshall, Natalie Graber. Y-Co sponsors are Bryan  Neuschwander, Mary Forney, and Jane Schlabaugh.