Anne Buckwalter
Sophomore Anne Buckwalter was named district winner at level D in the Iowa Music Teachers District Piano Auditions held Saturday, February 2 at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant. Anne’s memorized program consisted of the Two Part Invention in F Major by J.S. Bach, Milonga del Angel by Astor Piazzola and the first movement of the Sonata in G Major, Op. 49, No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven. She was also required to perform scales, chord cadences, and arpeggios for an adjudicator. Additionally, she scored 100% on the music theory examination which included knowledge of musical terms, chords, scales, intervals, rhythms, transposing, and ear training. Hers was the only perfect theory score of the day. 

Anne studies with Susan See, resident piano instructor at IMS. Susan says this about Anne:“She is a very teachable student.  She is self motivated and passionate about music in general. It has been so much fun to watch her develop not only her technical skills as well as her performing skills at the piano, but most importantly, she is playing with a sensitivity and depth of understanding that is quite moving and rare for one her age.” 

Susan also added that competitions such as the one Anne participated in this past weekend can serve many purposes but the only reason that she encourages highly motivated students to participate in such events is that they encourage us to do our very best, no more and no less.  “Winning”, while exciting, is overrated.  She adds that she reminds students that “being chosen” by a judge as being the best in class is very subjective.  We celebrate when we are honored in this way, but  the real prize is becoming better at what we do. When we set goals that are within our control, such as properly preparing pieces, practicing intelligently and diligently, we have achieved what we set out to do. 

Congratulations, Anne, on achieving your goal!